14th October 2020 : Workshop (via Zoom) : Introduction to Street photography

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Our first workshop will be on Wednesday 14th October (7:30-9:30 pm) via Zoom.

This introduction to street photography will give you a grounding in the great variety of photography that makes up street photography. We will talk about photographing people, the urban landscape and those interesting things we find when we are out on the street.

We will look at the history of street photography from the early days in Paris, the style changing years in New York and the contemporary scene in London and the UK.

We will also look at camera use on the street and how best to be prepared when that great scene unfolds before your lens. But it's not all about technique and kit, it's also important to think about the kind of street photographer you are, and want to be. Are you an in their face type of shooter (in which case this may not be the workshop for you), or are you a a more low key photographer, working with the people you meet and the opportunities that arise.

Finally we will touch on the law and how it touches your photography, along with how your own ethics and views shape your own photography.

This short course provides a good overview for anyone keen to explore street photography.

It also feeds in well to the street photography shoot that we are running on the following Wednesday in London.

The workshop is available at a special introductory costs of just £10 including attendance via Zoom and notes from the workshop.

If you would like to attend, please sign up on the events page or send me an email at londonstreet@merry.co.uk and request a ticket for the "Introduction to street photography" workshop. I will send you a confirmation along with a Paypal invoice.

The workshop takes place on 14th October 2020 at 7:30pm London time and lasts for 2 hrs

6:30 GMT, 4:30AM Sydney, 7:30AM AUKLAND, 11:30AM Los Angeles, 2:30PM New York, 8:30PM Paris,

I look forward to seeing you at the workshop.


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