LondonStreet.photography promotes and explores photography on the street.
Based in London we are inclusive of many street photography styles and we would like to welcome you.
Join us to explore and enjoy your street photography with other supportive photographers.


There is nowhere better than London for street photography; majestic locations, great people and an open approach to photography.

Street photography covers a wide range of approaches; candid scenes, street portraits, urban landscapes and everything in-between. Enjoy them all!

Street photography will challenge your camera skills; from bright lights to dark shadows, often in the same shot. With good technical understanding and control you have a great chance to get the image you want.


LondonStreet.Photography was created during lockdown in 2020 (and will launch in Autumn 2020) to bring inclusive photography from the streets of London to a wider audience. It grew out of the popular WideAngleLondon meetup group. There will be a warm welcome for friends, old and new.

We have a great set of workshops (currently via zoom) and photowalks (currently self led) to get us back on the street. Click through to see what’s on, both here and the wider London photography community.

LondonStreet.Photography explores and promotes an inclusive approach to photography from the streets of London. Get involved, show us your images and join us on the street to create new images and meet up with photography friends.


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